Community Survey

The Illinois Police-Community Interaction Survey (IL-PCIS) is a survey program run by the University of Illinois at Chicago that allows you to measure the quality of police-community interactions in your community. Essentially, it involves a customer satisfaction survey completed by citizens after a traffic stop, traffic accident or after reporting a crime incident, where they have had contact with one of your officers. You will receive feedback specific to your department.

This program has received national attention as a new model for how to measure police performance and Illinois is the first state to introduce it to a select sample of law enforcement agencies.

Benefits of the IL-PCIS Program
  • IL-PCIS should strengthen police-community relations by giving community members a voice and asking for their feedback about police service
  • It allows your police department to evaluate its performance in new ways, moving beyond crime statistics as your only indicator of effectiveness
  • It standardizes data on the quality of police-community encounters
  • It allows police executives to monitor their own progress as they are given private access to survey results from their community
  • It gives your police department access to free technical assistance from UIC regarding methods to improve local public trust and confidence in the police
Oak Forest Police Department Survey
Oak Forest Police Department asks citizens to rate their encounters - October 2012

Check out a list of FAQ's for simple questions and answers. All other questions will need to be directed to the project team at the University of Illinois. The Illinois Police-Community Interaction Survey project team at the University of Illinois at Chicago can be reached at 312-996-0764 or by email.