Community Center

Please note:

Private events are only permitted on Saturdays and Sundays between the hours of 11 AM and 9 PM.

The Oak Forest Community Center, located at 15501 South Kilpatrick Avenue, is available for use by families and organizations.

Requests to rent this facility are welcome and will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis.

The facility's capacity is 100 people. A total of six (6) hours is the maximum amount of time available for rental and setup.
For more information or to rent the facility, please call 708-687-4050, ext. 1006. Before you call, be sure to view the interior and exterior photos of the Community Center and refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below. 

(updated January 1, 2019)

Request Procedure

  • Call 708-687-4050, ext. 1006, or stop by 15440 S. Central Avenue in Oak Forest, Illinois, to inquire about a date for an event: Do not use email.
    Please note: a verbal request for a date will only be honored for five (5) calendar days without an approved Rental Agreement from the applicant.
  • All completed Rental Agreements must be returned to the Mayor's Office.
  • Separate payments are required for the security deposit (only check or money order) and the rental fee (see Rental Agreement for fees).
  • The Rental Agreement is not final until approved and signed by the City.
Please review the cancellation policy in the Rental Agreement

No refunds for cancellations requested after five (5) calendar days of Rental Agreement approval date. 

All rules and regulations must be complied with per the Rental Agreement.

Do not use email for contact purposes. Please call 708-687-4050, ext. 1006. If you are not able to speak with someone, please try your call again. It is not always possible to return a call in a timely manner.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions before making a call. The FAQs are meant to minimize telephone calls and to inform the applicant or potential applicant.

  1. Where is the Community Center?
    Answer:  15501 Kilpatrick, Oak Forest, IL 60452.

  2. Who do I contact about an Application?
    Answer:  Call 708-687-4050, ext. 1006; never e-mail.

  3. How many people can attend an event?
    Answer:  The maximum number is 100 people.

  4. How much time do I get for my event?
    Answer:  Up to six (6) hours, including set-up time.

  5. Can I purchase more time?
    Answer:  No.  Six hours is the maximum time for use.

  6. Who lets me into the Community Center?
    Answer:  The caretaker 10-15 minutes before the event.

  7. Can I hang anything from the ceiling?
    Answer:  Absolutely nothing.

  8. Can I tape anything on the walls?
    Answer:  Only on the paneling with removable tape.

  9. What size are the tables?
    Answer:  The tables are round; 60 inches in diameter.

  10. How many people are seated at a table?
    Answer:  Normally seven (7) with new, wider chairs.

  11. Is there a kitchen and air conditioning?
    Answer:  Yes.  Also a large coffee pot and ice maker.

  12. What if I decide to leave the facility early?
    Answer:  Call the caretaker (phone number on doors).

  13. Who can I call if I need help?
    Answer:  Phone numbers listed on the doors.

  14. How late is the Community Center open?
    Answer:  No one can be in the building after 9:00 PM.

  15. How can I lose my Security Deposit?
    Answer:  A number of ways; refer to the Rental Agreement.