Building Department

Winter weather has arrived!  Here are some guides for homeowners and contractors regarding concrete and roofing work during the winter months.  Homeowners will need to sign off stating that they understand the guidelines and still wish to proceed with work during cold weather.  

Cold Weather Concrete Requirements
Cold Weather Roofing Requirements

If you are a solar panel contractor and wish to apply for a permit, please see click on the following link to view an explanation of the process:

Solar Panel Application Guide

We highly encourage all building permit applications, contractor registration applications, apartment/ condo registrations, and any other supporting correspondence be emailed to one of the following email addresses depending on the subject and we will then follow up with you as needed:

Building Permits, Contractor Registration, Inspection Requests:, or call 708.444.4817, or call 708.444.4818 or call 708.444.4819

Code Enforcement, Apartment/ Condo Registration, Complaints:, or call 708.444.4846