Planning & Zoning

The Planning Division is responsible for reviewing proposed developments and land-use applications; providing recommendations regarding zoning ordinance changes to enhance and protect the community character and quality of life; and undertaking long-range planning related to the 2008 Comprehensive Plan. The Planning Division works very closely with the Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC) and City Council (Council) prior to action on development proposals.

Zoning Code

The current City of Oak Forest Zoning Code and Zoning Map was initially approved in 2014.  The Zoning Code was updated to allow for better readability through a restructured format and follows the goals and objectives established in the 2008 Comprehensive Plan.  For more information, please follow these links to view these documents: Zoning Map, Zoning Code, and Subdivision Ordinance

Development Resources

Are you interested in developing in the City? The City welcomes new businesses that want to make their home in Oak Forest. To determine if any zoning approvals are needed from the PZC and Council before filing a building permit, the Community Development Department recommends any business owner first email Planner Paul Ruane at the following information:

·         Address of the property

·         A current plat of survey with a sketch of intended development and/or changes to the property

·         Description of the intended use and business operations

With this information, staff will be able to determine whether or not your proposed business is permitted, and then if any other general zoning requirements and or approval processes are needed. Depending on the complexity of the proposal or existing site history, staff may also request that a concept meeting be scheduled to discuss any information that may impede the development and recommended options.
If you have already researched the zoning requirements and know that the PZC and Council must review and approve your project, go the permit and form center and complete the applicable forms. Once the required materials, forms, and fees have been submitted, staff will review and either send review comments or schedule an upcoming PZC date.