Code Enforcement

Property Maintenance

The City of Oak Forest established property maintenance requirements through City ordinances and the adoption of the International Property Maintenance Code, 2018 edition with local amendments.  The IPMC established minimum standards for the maintenance of a property in the City.  Failure to meet these standards will result in a Violation Notice being issued.  The notice will cite the violation and set a date for correction and re-inspection.  Non-compliance may result in penalty and fines.
 Typical violations include:
             Rubbish/Garbage                           Tall Grass/ Weeds
             Illegal Signage                                 Inoperable/ Unlicensed Vehicle
             Premise Identification                   Upkeep of Exterior Structure
             Swimming Pool Maintenance     Grading/ Drainage
             Fence Repair                                     Roof Repair

Property maintenance concerns may be reported through our online complaint form.  

Are your house numbers visible? View chapter 3, section 304.3 of the Property Maintenance Code for premise identification requirements.

Vacant Property Registration

The City of Oak Forest has established a program for identification, registration, and regulation of buildings which have become vacant.  The owner or party having a legal or equitable interest in the property is responsible for registering the property.  The registration fee is $700. Inspections are required.  Additional inspection, insurance, plan of action, security, and signage requirements may be imposed if deemed necessary.  

Vacant Property Form

Vacant Property Ordinance

Foreclosure Notices

Notices of foreclosure and confirmation orders should be sent to:
 City of Oak Forest
 ATTN:  Lorna Stubbs
 15440 S. Central Avenue
 Oak Forest, Illinois  60452

Recreational Vehicles

Do you own a boat, recreational vehicle or trailer? If so, are you aware of the city’s outside storage regulations?

In summary, the regulations state that vehicles that are 26 feet or less can be stored anywhere on a lot; vehicles more than 26 feet but less than 40 feet must be stored on an interior side yard or rear yard; and vehicles that are 40 feet or more are not permitted.

Other requirements include: no more than two vehicles may be stored on a lot; all outside storage must occur on hard surfaces; stored vehicles must be operable and have proper licensing and registration; and stored vehicles may not extend into the public right of way or block sidewalks.

Residents who do not follow the guidelines will be sent a notice with a compliance deadline. The city will work with residents who are having trouble meeting the requirements.  For those who can comply and choose not to, the city will proceed through a code enforcement action.

For more information, contact Code Enforcement at 708-687-4050, ext. 1246.