The City of Oak Forest uses electronic and print publications to keep you informed on current news and events, including: 


This free, voluntary e-mail service provides information about city services, activities and events.  On a weekly basis, you can expect to find City Council news and agendas, construction updates, public safety reminders, senior and youth news, and much more! 

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Everbridge Notification 

Everbridge helps the City of Oak Forest send messages out to the entire town or only certain areas of the town that a particular emergency is taking place, for example, a water main break.  You will have access to make future modifications to your account when needed such as: change of phone number, email, and physical address.  If you ever move and do not what any notifications from the City of Oak Forest, you have the ability to delete your account. 

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The Leaflet Publication (formerly known as FYI Newsletter

The Leaflet is published periodically by the City of Oak Forest for residents, business owners and friends of the city. The publication includes news and information about city-sponsored activities and events.  

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Facebook and Twitter

Visit the city's Facebook page and Twitter feed for timely information about business openings, construction projects, community events, and more.  

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Living Oak Forest is a vibrant, consumer-friendly website geared toward young professionals with families, who value their time, recreation and access to technology.  The website invites potential residents to live, work and play in Oak Forest.  Visitors will learn about Oak Forest’s best-value neighborhoods, quality schools, wide-variety of outdoor recreational activities, economic vitality, and convenient commute.  

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