Response to Resistance

The Oak Forest Police Department understands the severity of incidents requiring the use of force in response to resistance.  OFPD is aware of the expectations of the community and is sensitive to the impact and implications both perceived and actual resulting from our use of force in each response to resistance.  OFPD is proactive in regard to training its officers in our response to resistance policy, the related law and the evaluation of force used. 

By OFPD general order, a “response to resistance” incident is identified by the use of any force beyond that of normal handcuffing.  Each response to resistance incident requires the officer(s) involved to complete a Subject Resistance Reporting Form.  The completing of the form initiates a review through the chain of command from the on scene supervisor to the Deputy Chief of Police.  A response to resistance review board convenes monthly and evaluates all force incidents objectively to determine policy compliance. The board completes a monthly report outlining suggestions for training needs resulting from response to resistance incidents.   


2014 2015 20162017 2018


 7* 5* 17* 7* 9*  1**15*

ECD (Taser)

105 15+1* 2*** 1****0***


30 00 0 0


0 00 0

Open Hand

3545 4025 2384 76 


10 00 0


11 3

Custodial Arrests

507503 403351 289363 219 
 Firearm displayed not fired  /  ** Firearm fired
*** Taser deployed  /  **** Taser fired




As the table indicates, use of force is a rare circumstance for the agency.  When it is applied, it is by less-than-lethal means.  The agency’s training programs give officers confidence in dealing with the public, diffusing confrontations and proper application of force when necessary.  The agency utilizes the baton and ECD (Taser X26) for less lethal weapons.

The department authorized sidearm is the Springfield XD45.  The department has approved a variety of firearms and ammunition for off-duty and secondary use. All weapons are inspected and approved by the Range-master and the officer must pass a firearms certification course with each weapon carried.  The long gun authorized is the AR-15 or similar model.