Community Art Project

Flowers In the Forest

Flowers in the Forest features floral photographs taken by Oak Forest residents and wrapped on 14 utility boxes throughout the community.  

Because different photographers capture different angles, shading, sizes and colors in their photos, each box has a color theme to blend and compliment all photos featured on each side. Some boxes focus on the same type of flower. Others have flowers with similar color palettes. 

Using the vibrant photographs submitted by Oak Forest residents to create art from a typically drab and unnoticed roadside fixture brings such a great energy to the city. Thank you to all who contributed!

Use the map below to find each box in the neighborhood!


Community Art Project Selected Contributors

  • Deborah Brazel 
  • Bonnie Bell
  • Mike Canter
  • Katelyn Ceska
  • Rhonda Ceska 
  • Jeannine Christensen 
  • Sue Cook 
  • Margaret Cour 
  • Marcia Damato 
  • Bud Dyke 
  • Mary Jo Goeing 
  • Patti Griffin 
  • Barb Heine 
  • Abigail Hogan 
  • Nancy Hullinger 
  • Chris Ironside 
  • Andrew Johnson 
  • Carolyn Johnson 
  • Katelyn Johnson 
  • Clare Keating 
  • Katie Kolkebeck 
  • Ilona LaRoche 
  • Troy Matthews 
  • Labros Malfas 
  • Morgan McMurray 
  • Casey McMurray 
  • Mary Murphy 
  • Sue O'Brien 
  • Kristina Ryon 
  • Lauren Scanland 
  • Kate Selman 
  • Robert Sullivan 
  • Kathleen Vargas 
  • Diane Wolf 
  • Frank Zielinski 
  • Katie Zofkie