How often am I billed for water / sewer service?
You are billed quarterly for your water / sewer usage.

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1. How often am I billed for water / sewer service?
2. How often are meters read?
3. What happens if my bill is not paid by the due date?
4. Why has my bill amount increased? My usage has not.
5. I suspect my high bill is due to a plumbing problem.
6. Should I continue to pay my bill if my meter is not functioning properly, I am disputing a balance or I have an adjustment pending?
7. Where can I pay my bill?
8. Will I have to pay to have my service reconnected if it is cut off due to non-payment?
9. If my service is cut off and I pay my bill, how soon will service be reconnected?
10. Can I turn my water service on?
11. How do I stop my water service?
12. How do I determine if I have a leak?
13. How do I report a leaky or broken meter?
14. Still need help?