Employee Unions

Oak Forest Police Sergeants and Patrolman are represented by the Metropolitan Alliance of Police (MAP) labor union. The union currently represents 36 members of the Oak Forest Police Department.

MAP was organized to meet the growing needs of police related employees in the area of legal defense and collective bargaining, and to promote the advancement of police labor issues that were not being met by existing police labor groups.  The ideas and goals of MAP were conceived by its president, Joseph Andalina, a 26-year police veteran with more than 25 years of experience in the police labor field.

Oak Forest Police Department's 13 dispatchers and clerks are represented by Teamsters Local 700.

More than 12,000 public service employees in Illinois are now members of one of the largest and most unified locals in the country — Teamsters Local 700.  Teamsters Local 714 and Local 726 have come together under the Local 700 banner to collectively represent thousands of public sector employees throughout the state. With combined political and financial resources, the new local has the staff and materials to fight for the rights, benefits and advantages that hardworking men and women deserve.  Current Teamster contracts remain in effect with the formation of Local 700. Workers will continue to receive the best representation possible from stewards, business agents and Teamster officers.