Construction Notices

Water Main Upgrades

NOVEMBER 17: This week, M&J continued installing water main, fire hydrants, and valve vaults along Rob Roy Drive and Warwick Drive. The crew tied new main into the existing mains at Colina Avenue and Chaucer Drive.  They also started excavating, grading, and framing to replace sidewalks and driveways along Hillside Avenue, El Morro Lane, Chaucer Drive, and Colina Avenue.  And, they pressure tested new main along Rob Roy Drive from Chaucer Drive to Gainsborough Place.

Plans for next week include continuing the installation work, sidewalk and driveway removal and replacement, and tying in the existing mains.  In addition, the contract will chlorinate the new main from Chaucer Drive to Gainsborough Place.

NOVEMBER 9: The water on EL MORRO COURT will be shut off so that the contractor can connect the new water main to the existing system. The water will be off most of the day. Oak Forest Water Department staff is knocking on doors and notifying residents in the area. After the connection is made, the existing main on El Morro Court will be flushed and tested. We appreciate your cooperation.

NOVEMBER 3: M&J finished installing 8” and 12” water main and started installing fire hydrants and vaults along Rob Roy Drive.  Also, the contractor continued installing water services along Colina Avenue. Next week, crews will continue installing fire hydrants and vaults along Rob Roy Drive, and install water services along School Street and Briar Lane.

OCTOBER 27:  M&J continued drilling and installing 8” and 12” water main along Rob Roy Drive.  With the help of an additional crew, M&J started installing water services along Hillside Avenue. Next week, once workers finish drilling and installing water main along Rob Roy Drive, they will begin installing fire hydrant and vaults on that street. The crews will continue water service installation along Hillside Avenue, El Morro Lane, Chaucer Drive, School Street, and Colina Avenue as well. 

OCTOBER 20: The contractor finished chlorinating and testing the water main along the inner loop.  The crew also drilled and installed 8” and 12” water main on Rob Roy Drive. Next week, the contractor will continue drilling and installing water main along Rob Roy Drive, and start water services on Hillside Avenue.    

OCTOBER 13: M&J finished installing the 12" water main on Briar Lane, which completed the inner loop.  The crew pressure tested, approved, and started the chlorination process of the installed water main.  They then proceeded to Rob Roy Drive to pothole for utilities.  Pipe View continued video recording sanitary sewers and locating services along Rob Roy Drive.  Next week, M&J will finish the chlorination process of the inner loop by flushing and sampling.  M&J, Jules Madison and Badger will be drilling and installing water main along Rob Roy Drive.  Pipe View will continue video recording sanitary sewers and locating services along Rob Roy Drive.

OCTOBER 5: The contractor finished installing the 12” water main on School Street and Briar Lane.  The crew patched the water main crossing on 151st Street and resurfaced and reopened the east entrance to Jack Hille Middle School.  They also started video recording sanitary sewers and locating services on Rob Roy.  Next, they will be pressure testing and chlorinating the water mains. The paving crew will be resurfacing driveways on 151st Street.  

SEPTEMBER 29: This week, the contractor finished installing 8” water main along Hillside Avenue and installed the 12” gated valves in front of Foster School on School Street. They also poured the driveway and sidewalks for Hille School's entrance on 151st Street. Next week, the contractor will finish the 12” water main along School Street and proceed to Briar Lane to install 12” water main. The crew also will be pressure testing, paving entrances and patching on 151st Street.

SEPTEMBER 25: Last week, the contractor started installing 8” water main, fire hydrants and water valves along Hillside Avenue.  The crew also poured curb and gutter at the east school entrance on 151st Street and driveways and sidewalks on Condado Drive. This week, the crew will finish installing water main along Hillside Avenue and start the tie in on School Street.  The concrete crew will pour the school’s driveway and sidewalks on 151st Street.  Temporary localized closures are possible as the installation work proceeds.

AUGUST 31: ROAD CLOSED - The intersection of Chaucer and Colina will be closed until approximately 4 p.m. due to the water main construction project.  

AUGUST 20: Contractors M&J and Jules Madison have completed directionally drilling and pulling 12” water main along School Street.  Work has started on Colina Avenue where they are directionally drilling and pulling 8” water main.  While drilling, M&J will continue installing fire hydrants along School Street and Colina Avenue as well as prepare for pressure testing the water main along 151st Street.

The City of Oak Forest is investing in its infrastructure by replacing approximately 8,500 linear feet of aging water mains and other related infrastructure, which will significantly reduce the risk of leaks or breaks and increase our residents’ quality of life.  Over the next several months, water mains will be replaced on:

  • El Morro Lane from Hillside Avenue to Condado Drive
  • 151st Street from Condado Drive to 600 feet east
  • Hillside Avenue from School Street to El Morro Lane
  • School Street from Briar Lane to Hillside Avenue 
  • Briar Lane from Colina Avenue to School Street
  • Colina Avenue from Chaucer Drive to Briar Lane 
  • Chaucer Drive from Colina Avenue to Condado Drive
  • Rob Roy Drive from Chaucer Drive to David Lane
  • Central Avenue from Albert Drive to Independence Avenue
  • Coulter Road from Le Claire Avenue to Laramie Avenue

The city received $3.7 million in federal funding from the American Rescue Plan Act to cover the majority of the $4.2 million infrastructure improvement project.  

Residents who live in the areas impacted by the project will receive door hangers, ahead of any work in their area, with information regarding street closures and parking restrictions.  The work will include the replacement of existing 50-year-old, 6-inch, 8-inch and 12-inch cast iron and ductile iron water main with new PVC water main.  In addition, the project will include new fire hydrants, fittings and service connections. Once the new water mains are installed, pavement, parkways, and sidewalks will be restored.  

The project is anticipated to be completed by the end of the year, however, this is weather depending.   Minor disruptions in service may be experienced during portions of the project and/or when connecting existing water services to the new water main.  We apologize for any inconveniences and appreciate your cooperation.   

If you have any questions, please contact Oak Forest Public Works at 708-535-4090.

2023 Road Program - PROJECT COMPLETED

In May, the City Council approved an award of contract to D Construction for the 2023 Road Program.  The contractor is planning to begin working on the project the week of June 19.  Signage will be placed on the streets to be paved, to notify residents, several days prior to the start of construction. As part of the program, the following street segments will be resurfaced:

  • Vine Street – Mission Avenue to El Vista Avenue
  • Merlin Court – Victoria Road to Victoria Road
  • Boca Rio Drive (northbound) – Victoria Drive to Arroyo Drive 
  • Alameda Avenue – Boca Rio Drive to Victoria Drive 
  • Grange Avenue – Major Avenue to Menard Avenue  
  • Parkside Avenue – Fern Avenue to LaPalm Drive
  • Mission Avenue – 151st Street to LaPalm Drive
  • Las Flores Lane – El Morro Lane to Oakland Avenue
  • Reynolds Lane – Independence Avenue to Stuart Lane
  • Independence Avenue – Reynolds Lane to Central Avenue
  • Independence Court – Independence Avenue to south end
  • 153rd Street – Kenton Avenue to Kilpatrick Avenue
  • Henry Street – George Drive to Wagman Street
  • Wagman Street – Craig Drive to Laura Lane
  • Lavergne Avenue – 163rd Street to dead end
  • Laura Lane – Barry Lane to north end
  • George Drive – Lisa Lane to Henry Street
  • Terry Lane – Henry Street to north end
  • 163rd Street – Cicero Avenue to Lavergne Avenue


  • Lavergne Avenue – 156th Street to 157th Street
  • 156th Street – Cicero Avenue to Lamon Avenue
  • Deerpath Road – Laramie Avenue to LeClaire Avenue
  • 16907 LeClaire Avenue
  • Meadowdale Drive – Coulter Road to Aldersyde Road
  • Arrowhead Trace – Off of George Brennan Highway

Rehabilitation work includes pavement resurfacing, pavement patching, limited curb & gutter removal and replacement, removal of asphalt ramps and mountable curbs across driveway entrances (where necessary), partial driveway apron replacement to meet the grade of new curb lines (where necessary), and sidewalk replacement.  When curb and gutter is removed in front of your driveway, you will not be allowed to park in your driveway for 7 to 10 days.  This time is needed to give the new concrete sufficient time to "cure" to support the weight of vehicular traffic.  Curb and driveway apron replacements will be limited to one side of the street at a time to allow for on-street parking while the new concrete is curing.  Also we ask that if you have sprinklers or an invisible fence to please flag them. 

The city is only removing and replacing the portion of a driveway apron necessary to meet the grades of the newly depressed curb line (where necessary).  Per city code, the “apron” of a private driveway is the responsibility of the property owner.  Neither D Construction or Newel Concrete will perform any work on private property.  Any private work must be arranged by the property owner with the contractor(s) and is at the sole expense of the property owner.  Any private work arranged with the contractor(s) will require a building permit from the Building Department.  For more information, call 708-687-4050, ext. 1041.


“No Parking – Police Order” signs will be posted by the contractor before work begins on that side of the street.  During work on the roadway pavement surfaces, no on-street parking will be allowed between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.   Please park on neighboring side streets or in your driveway.  The contractor will post “NO PARKING” signs and/or deliver a notice to your home at least 24 hours before roadway pavement surface work begins on your block.  Working hours for the contractor are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday thru Saturday.  


Streets with fire lanes will be maintained as fire lanes.  When necessary, the fire lane will be temporarily shifted to the other side of the street to accomplish the concrete curb repairs. Please be mindful of the posted fire lane signs by parking on the other side of the street.  


With outdoor construction work, the schedule of the contractor is weather dependent and may change weekly or daily.  Questions?  contact Public Works at 708-535-4090 or submit a service request form


151st Street culvert and Boca Rio Ditch Improvement Project

The Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways will begin the 151st Street over Boca Rio Ditch Culvert Replacement and Channel Improvement Project the week of June 5.  Crews will be replacing the existing culverts carrying Boca Rio ditch under 151st Street with a new precast concrete box culvert to improve ditch drainage and create a cost-effective and more attractive storm water collection system. Learn more about the project by viewing the Public Information Slideshow.

Closures and Detours

During construction of the culvert and the pavement replacement, 151st Street will be closed to through traffic. Through traffic will be detoured to 147th Street by way of Central Avenue and Oak Park Avenue.

During construction, Boca Rio Drive will also be closed. Access to the neighborhood will be maintained by way of Condado Drive and Hillside Avenue to the east and Ridgeland Avenue, Spruce Lane, Willow Lane and Chestnut Lane to the west.

View the Construction Notice

Project Updates

Project updates will be shared on the city’s website, social media platforms, and weekly e-Briefs newsletter.  The project is anticipated to run through November.


Cook County Department of Transportation & Highways Construction Bureau
 69 W. Washington Street – 24th Floor,
 Chicago, IL 60602