Water Distribution

Lake Michigan

The source for the city's water supply is Lake Michigan. The water treatment process is done at the City of Chicago's Jardine Water Purification Plant. Oak Forest purchases its water from the Village of Oak Lawn via the City of Chicago. Potable water for consumption by city residents is supplied by the Utilities Division.

The city maintains a total of 107 miles of water lines, 1,262 mainline valves, 1,395 fire hydrants, and more than 8,000 curb stop / buffalo boxes. In addition, the Water Division maintains and operates four water towers and two reservoirs for a total storage capacity of 9,750,000 gallons.

Responsibilities & Goals

  • Install and maintain the metering system to provide accurate information of water consumption for billing and historical use.
  • Identify and eliminate sources or water loss through water leak detection program and diligent system maintenance.
  • Maintenance of valves, hydrants, manholes, services, and other components that assure a safe and reliable water system to all our consumers.
  • Ensure all fire hydrants are operational to provide and enhance our fire protection system.
  • Higher level of maintenance will aide in the reduction of costly overtime due to unscheduled failures of the system.
  • Perform J.U.L.I.E. locates for city-owned water and sewer amenities to other entities wishing to drill or dig in the city limits.
  • Maintenance and repair of buffalo boxes for city water service

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