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Bid Number: PD23-001
Bid Title: P25 VHF Conventional Radio System
Category: Police Department
Status: Closed


This Request for Proposal (RFP) is issued to invite vendors to submit proposals, at their own cost, for upgrade/replacement of the current VHF communications system within the City. The current systems are analog conventional systems supporting the Oak Forest Police and Public Works Departments. The City is researching the opportunity to upgrade to current P25 conventional technology. The City desires to implement a digital system that will provide coverage throughout the entire City. Coverage includes in-buildings as well as in-street. Fully understanding that analog signals are susceptible to low-level interference in congested

Areas, where electronic technology resides, is the reason for addressing a digital transmission platform. Vendors are required to provide coverage analysis studies that indicate 98% coverage in street and 95% coverage in buildings. The full scope of the systems are transmissions and receptions from a full complement of subscriber equipment such as mobiles, portables, and station receivers. The coverage studies will address the following conditions for both Analog Operation and P25 Digital Operation for:

  • System talk-out to mobiles
  • System talk-out to portables
  • Mobile talk-in to System
  • Portable talk-in to System

Empirical Testing after Systems Implementation:

During contract negotiation the vendor and City will determine the scope of the testing procedures as listed herein. The Vendor along with a representative on the City will conduct coverage studies throughout the City and plot the findings on a city map to clarify the findings. A favorable score will be any transmission to a mobile or portable that indicates on the subscriber unit a signal level of -95 or greater. Mobile and portable transmissions to system receivers will be measured in the same fashion as favorable if logged and voted on the best receiver at -95 or greater. Voter or selected receiver activation will be logged to ensure the most favorable receiver is always selected and that voter receiver migration is observed and that the migration will move to a receiver of the same quality of greater signal quality.

The scope of the project will be to replace existing VHF equipment and supporting infrastructure that will provide VHF P25 conventional operation.  The scope of services will be listed with the technology required and the technology that supports the total system operation in the following categories:

  • Transceiver system
  • Antennas and feedlines
  • Network interface
  • Implementation

The extent of the project will be to install the new equipment in parallel with the existing System equipment at the current sites (locations) with the existing system concept as VHF analog conventional to remain in some form of operation. The migration path will be discussed further during the implementation schedule. Additionally, the new systems will require dual operation for both existing analog as well as P25 conventional.

Note: dual system operation will allow for a coordinated transition for purchasing agency equipment, training, programming and department cutover.

Publication Date/Time:
1/9/2023 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
3/10/2023 3:00 PM
Submittal Information:
City Clerk's Office, 15440 S. Central Avenue, Oak Forest, IL
Contact Person:
All inquiries regarding this RFP must be directed to Deputy Chief Scott Durano of the Oak Forest Police Department.

Deputy Chief Scott Durano

15440 Central Ave
Oak Forest Il. 60452
Phone – 708-687-1376
Fax – 708-687-6218

All interested vendors are invited to attend an informational meeting on January 31, 2023 at 9 a.m. at, 15440 Central Ave., Oak Forest IL, 60452. A question-and-answer session will be conducted at this meeting. Key City of Oak Forest staff members will be present to answer questions relating to the RFP. Since City staff has limited time, it is strongly recommended that vendors attend this meeting. City staff will not be held liable for not relaying information regarding this RFP to vendors who do not attend this meeting. Additionally, vendors may obtain the RFP from the City of Oak Forest web site and for any addenda provided throughout the bid process. Vendors will also be allowed to view the 5 locations where receivers sites are positioned throughout the City.
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